7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Clearing Your Own Driveway of Snow in Algonquin and Crystal Lake, Illinois

With the snow fast approaching now is the time to those decisions if you, or someone else be doing the driveway. Ask yourself these seven questions of you’re going to do it yourself.

#1. Do you have a Truck with a Plow? 
This is kind of a given. Let’s face it, plowing a driveway is fun.  So we won’t try and earn your business if you own this.  But if you don’t, keep reading…..

#2. Can you Spread the Salt? 
Plowing and snow blowing is only one piece of snow removal puzzle.  It’s not enough to just to clear the snow.  There’s ICE.  With well distributed salt or deicer is pretty important to maximizing safety.

#3. Do you Enjoy the Outside in the Winter?

Most winters in Chicagoland, or rather Algonquin and Crystal Lake can become pretty brutal.  Wind, snow, sleet, ice and rain.  How willing are you to get all dressed more than a dozen times in freezing weather simply to get into your and head to work.  But hey, the Admiral is from Canada and he loves it!

#4.  Are You a Handy Person?

Let’s face it, things break.  Even shovels.  Those electric blowers don’t like the cold, neither do the gas engines.  Things break in the cold.  So expect down time paying for repairs or working on your equipment.

#5.  What is your Time worth?

How much are you worth per hour?  From purchasing fuel, salt and equipment, maintaining it, preparing to go outside, blowing, shoveling, salting, cleaning up, it could take several hours per week to maintain your walkways and driveway.

#6.  How Much Earlier do You Want To Wake Up?

The family and cars must get out.  Either you’re late starting your day or you lose some sleep.  How much are you willing to lose?

#7.  Do You Enjoy Peace of Mind?
Hiring a professional gives you just this, if they are reliable.  We are.  We bring piece of mind, to you and your family….knowing you’ll be have the best looking driveway around.

Deciding whether to hire a professional or do it yourself is a big decision. This should not be taken lightly.  Give us a call at 847-807-4393 to get a quote!