Why is My Cat Eating Grass?

Have you ever wondered why it is that your cat is eating grass?

Off the bat, as long as there is no pesticides or fertilizers on the grass, eating most varieties grass is safe, and even good for cats.

Some people even plant them a patch in the yard, or in a pot for indoors.

In my experience one of the benefits to having healthy, quality grass in my yard is that the cats love to eat it. At least for a moment they are distracted from killing the birds while they munch on the lawn. Dogs eat grass too, you can read more here.

Here’s the thing, it’s good for them in a lot of ways.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Cats Eat Grass:

    1. Supplement their Diet
    2. Natural Laxative
    3. Relieves Upset Stomachs

As a Supplement for Their Diet.

Grass juice contains vitamin B9 better known as, folic acid. 

This vitamin supports a cat’s growth.  And also increases oxygen in the blood. One of the reasons cats may be grazing is that they are deficient in the folic acid.

As a Natural Laxative.

As it turns out, broad grasses in particular are thought to help a cat’s digestion. 

Grass eating can regulate your cat’s bowel movements. This can be especially important if their digestive tract is clogged with fur.

To Relieve an Upset Stomach

Narrow Grasses on the other hand, appear to relieve an upset stomach.

You may have noticed that shortly after eating grass your cat vomits. They are doing this on purpose.

Here’s why. It is not just to make you clean up an inconvenient pile of cat vomit. This happens because cats don’t have the enzymes to digest large quantities of grass. As a result your cat throws up and their stomach is cleared of feathers, bones and fur. Sometimes this process can even get rid of parasites

Not only does it relieve an upset stomach, it can be a necessary part of their digestion. If your cat eats a mouse or bird, after the meat has digested, the bones, feathers and fur may be sitting in their stomach. In order to get them out, they need to eat some grass and throw up on your new coat.

Most people don’t know this but if a cat doesn’t throw up on at least one item that you own each year, they will lose one of their nine lives.