stainlessspreaderA Community Approach to Keeping Crystal Lake and Algonquin’s Sidewalks Free of Snow

If you fail to shovel your sidewalk or other public walkway, and someone slips and falls, you could potentially face a lawsuit. In some states, you may have broken the law, too.” You’re responsible not just for snow and ice on private walkways but also public ones that abut your land

Most of Chicagoland communities want you to clear your own sidewalk. De-icing is a important element of safety during the winter months.

It’s about efficiency and efforts. Using the right equipment is crucial to save your back and energy.

If you’re looking for a de-icing product but don’t have any equipment to put it on, then the walk behind spreader is a great product to consider. Using a walk behind spreader also does not require any training, so it is perfect for some of your newer ice removal employees. Available in different size capacities, materials, and baffle systems, the walk behind spreader can be adjusted to fit your specific sidewalk maintenance needs.

Our snow removal and ice management services include:
• Snow plowing
• Walkway clearing
• Sidewalk Clearing
• Snow blowing
• Sanding
• De-icing

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